Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

1st Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog

We report here in electronic format the results of the 1st Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog, which systematically surveyed the GeV emission in 279 regions containing supernova remnants (SNRs).

Of the >100 candidates found, 30 were classified as likely GeV SNRs, with an additional 14 having marginal spatial overlap. Of the classified candidates, 4 extended and 10 consistent with a point source are newly published in this catalog. We also present flux upper limits at the location of known SNRs for the 245 regions where the spatial overlap was marginally or less consistent.

We include both statistical and systematic errors on spatial and spectral properties. We derive the systematic errors from the uncertainty in the effective area calculation and from the choice of interstellar emission model (IEM). The latter was determined using a new method developed for this catalog employing alternative IEMs.

The 1st Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog contains a full explanation of the catalog, including its construction, methods for region modeling and source determination, and a discussion of the findings in a multiwavelength context.

LAT Catalog Data Products

The 1st Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog is available as a FITS file and in ascii format. Supporting files and documentation have been provided and are linked below.

It is important that all users of this catalog review the caveats listed in the paper. These describe the content of the catalog at a high level, as well as some cautions for the user.

  • 1st Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog Paper
  • The electronic catalog data products provided here are described in Appendix D of the paper. Column descriptions for the 1st Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog are provided in Tables 9, 10, and 11 of the paper.
  • The following catalog files and accompanying auxiliary files are available in a tar archive file.
    • First LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog (1SC): FITS format, ascii table
    • DS9 Region File for all detected candidates
      • This region file uses a cross for candidates best fit by a point hypothesis and a circle equal in size to the best fit disk extension for those which are more likely extended.
      • Candidates classified as SNRs are black, unless they are also identified as interacting with a molecular cloud (red) or as a young SNR by the presence of non-thermal X-rays (blue). Marginally classified candidates are grey. Other detected candidates spatially inconsistent with the radio SNR are green.
    • Source templates for the 17 extended SNR candidates are provided in the main tar archive file
  • We developed alternative interstellar emission models (IEMs) to estimate systematics due to the choice of IEM. They are described in depth in particular in Section 2.4.2 and Appendix B of the paper. The models themselves are provided here to facilitate reproduction of the results presented in this SNR catalog with Pass 7 data:

Again, for more information about the catalog see the 1st Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog paper. Feedback about the catalog and paper should be directed to the paper's contact authors. All changes to the catalog files will be documented in the change log below.

Change Log for First LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog

Rev Date Filename Change Description
2 16 March 2016 1SC_catalog_v02 Removed incorrectly included candidate associated with SNR G6.5-0.4 (See discussion in Section 3.2.3).
1 23 September 2015 1SC_catalog_v01 Initial Release