Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Second Fermi-LAT Catalog of High-Energy Sources (2FHL)

This catalog of LAT sources reports the locations, spectra, and variability properties of 360 sources significantly detected in the 50 GeV – 2 TeV energy range during the first 80 months of the Fermi mission. The catalog includes 25 spatially extended objects, 5 of which are reported here for the first time.

Blazars and blazars candidate accounts for 75% of the catalog indicating that this source class largely dominates the highest-energy LAT sky. SNRs and PWNe together make up the second largest source class with 10% of the catalog total. The catalog comprises 57 sources not previously included in the 3FGL, 130 sources not included in the 1FHL, and 282 sources not detected by Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes. There are 48 2FHL sources that could not be associated with known gamma-ray emitting objects.

For a full description of the catalog see the LAT 2FHL Catalog Paper draft on the arXiv.

2FHL Catalog Data Tables

The Second LAT High-Energy Catalog is available as a FITS file. In addition, DS9 region files for the 2FHL Sources and for the associations (Table 7 from the paper) are provided. These files are linked below.

Second LAT High-Energy Catalog Change Log

Rev Date Filename Change Description
9 22 Apr 2016 gll_psch_v09.fit Added column showing the positional error at the 95% C.L. Counterparts from other Fermi and TeV catalogs are matched now using the positional error at the 95% C.L. instead of 68%. Good time interval (CGI) data added as a new HDU extension. Counts map removed from the file.
8 16 Sept 2015 gll_psch_v08.fit.tar.gz Initial release.