Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

LAT Second Catalog of Gamma-ray Pulsars

With its discovery of pulsations from more than 100 rotation-powered pulsars, the Fermi LAT has established pulsars as the dominant GeV gamma-ray source class in the Milky Way. Among those gamma ray pulsars are dozens of young radio-quiet pulsars discovered by their pulsed gamma-ray signal in LAT, dozens of radio-loud young and millisecond pulsars (MSPs) previously known from their radio pulsations, and dozens of MSPs newly detected in the radio following their discovery as unassociated LAT sources.

This catalog presents 117 gamma-ray pulsars unveiled in three years of on-orbit observations. It characterizes the known gamma-ray pulsars as uniformly as feasible, and provides additional information from other wavebands where available. For a full explanation about the catalog and its construction see the LAT Second Pulsar Catalog Paper draft on arxiv.

LAT Catalog Data Products

The LAT Second Pulsar Catalog is available as a .tgz (tarred and zipped) archive file. The archive includes a main catalog FITS file with the data from the paper tables, images of the light curve and spectral energy distributions (SEDs) for each pulsar, FITS files containing the data points used in those images, and the timing parameters used in the analysis. A full description of the online archive is given in Appendix B of the preprint. Upon final publication, this catalog will also be generated as a BROWSE table that will be linked to this page.

These files have been released prior to paper acceptance. During the review process, it is likely they will change, either as errors are corrected or in response to user comments. As updates are made to the archive, new versions will be documented in the change log at the bottom of this page.

The LAT Second Pulsar Catalog archive of electronic files is linked below. To extract the content of the file, save the file to the target destination on your system. Navigate that directory and use the following command on the command line:

prompt> tar xvfz 2PC_auxiliary_files_v04.tgz

In addition, summary files of the light curves and SEDs are available below. Additional scripts and tools to use the content of the archive may become available in the future, and will be added to this page.

Again, for more information about the catalog see the LAT Second Pulsar Catalog Paper draft on arxiv. Feedback about the catalog paper and electronic supplement should be directed to the paper contact authors. All changes will be documented in the change log below.

LAT Second Pulsar Catalog Change Log

Rev Date Filename Change Description
4 29 July 2013 2PC_auxiliary_files_v04.tgz Corrections made for resubmission to journal.
3 20 May 2013 2PC_auxiliary_files_v03.tgz Initial release. Data points for light curves are known to be in error in this release (see NOTE above).
2 2PC_auxiliary_files_v02.tgz Internal release for testing.
1 2PC_auxiliary_files_v01.tgz Internal developmental release