Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

LAT Collaboration Meeting

March 20-22, 2000
Building 16, Room 76-80
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Monday, March 20

9:00 am Welcome and introduction: P. Michelson
9:15 am Overview from GSFC Project Office S. Lambros
9:45 am Perspective from NASA Headquarters A. Bunner / D. Kniffen
10:15 am Coffee Break  
10:30 am Collaboration Science Investigation & Organization
- Summary of proposed science program: team key projects
- Role of collaborators: Co-Is & Associate Scientists
- Membership
- Senior Scientist Advisory Committee (SSAC)
P. Michelson
11:00 am Review of ATD Program
1) Goals and Highlights of ATD Program (20 min)
2) Current Instrument Baseline:
- changes from 1 year ago (30 min)
P. Michelson
S. Ritz
11:50 am Break for Lunch  
13:15 Review of ATD Program (continued)
3) Instrument Subsystem Development (130 min)
- TKR (30 min)
- CAL (30 min)
- ACD (30 min)
- DAQ (30 min)
R. Johnson
N. Johnson
J. Ormes
R. Williamson
15:30 4) Beam test setup & summary of results (30 min) G. Godfrey / B. Giebels
15:55 GLAST Activities in France (15 min)
GLAST Activities in Sweden (10 min)
GLAST Activities in Italy (15 min)
GLAST Activities in Japan (15 min)
GLAST Activities in Germany (5 min)
I. Grenier
P. Carlson /R. Svensson
G. Barbiellini
T. Kamae
H. Mayer-Hasselwander
16:30 ADJOURN  

Collaboration Dinner in the evening

Tuesday, March 21

9:00 am GLAST LAT Project Office W. Althouse
10:15 am Coffee Break  
10:35 am Discussion of DAQ Requirements Document S. Ritz / R. Williamson
11:15 am Discussion of Balloon Flight Objectives Document D. Thompson
11:45 am Education and Outreach Activities L. Cominsky
noon Collaboration General Meeting Adjourns
Working Group Meetings
- Electronics systems engineering and on-board software
- Off-line software and instrument simulation
Science Analysis Reqs. Presentation
Science Analysis Reqs. Document
GLAST/GLAST25 Comparison
- Balloon Flight Planning
- Tracker
- Onboard CPU Requirements Planning
G. Haller
R. Dubois
S. Digel/J. Norris
S. Digel/J. Norris
S. Digel/J. Norris
D. Thompson
R. Johnson
S. Ritz
14:30 Discussion of IRD with GLAST Project Office  
14:30 Background of IRD update; Spacecraft Accommodations Studies

(LAT Team Reps: Althouse, Haller, Nordby, N. Johnson, R. Johnson, Williamson, Williams, Thurston, Ormes, Ritz, Lovellette)
S. Lambros

IRD Detailed Review:

- System
General Requirements
- Mechanical
(LAT Team Reps: Althouse, Nordby, Johnson, Johnson, Ormes, Thurston, Ritz)
Additional definition of instrument mechanical interfaces
- Thermal
LAT Team Reps: Althouse, Nordby, Johnson, Johnson, Ormes, Thurston, Ritz)
17:00 Adjourn for the day  
17:15 - 18:15 SSAC Meeting followed by SSAC Dinner at 19:30  

Wednesday, March 22

9:00 am Discussion of IRD continues, and parallel working groups as required
- Electrical
(LAT Team Reps: Althouse, Haller, Williamson, Williams, Thurston, Ritz)
Review of electrical interfaces
Additional instrument requirements for EMC and possible Common Mode requirements
- Command & Telemetry
Review and revise
11:00 am IRD Actions (LAT Reps: All) Maichle

Thursday, March 23

Group discussion about DAQ Simulation Requirements