Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

LAT Collaboration Meeting

September 15-17, 2003
Rome, Italy


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Monday, September 15, 2003

8:00 Registration, Coffee  
8:45 Meeting Start
Open Meeting, Agenda Overview
Welcome by Local Organizers
P. Michelson
P. Caraveo (Lincei)
E. Iarocci
S. Vetrella
A. Diaz
K. Turner
9:30 Mission and LAT Status
Mission Status
LAT Status Overview
Overview of Activities in Italy
A. Vernacchio
P. Michelson
R. Bellazzini
11:00 Break  
11:15 LAT Technical Issues and Schedule L. Klaisner
11:55 Lunch  
13:30 Hardware Subsystems: Status and Issues
     EM Tower Construction and Test
     Mini-Tower Test Results
FSW and Filter Evaluation
B. Lott
A Moiseev
R. Johnson
A. Brez
L. Latronico
J.J. Russell, S. Ritz
16:00 Break  
16:15 I and T, EM test results
Status of Instrument Ops Planning
Calibration Planning
Short Contributions
     FRED, An Event Display Experiment
     Overview of GLAST Software Activities in Italy
     Multi-Mission Multi-Frequency Observations of Blazars
E. do Couto e Silva, et al.
P. Michelson
E. do Couto e Silva, S. Ritz
organized by R. Bellazzini
R. Giannitrapani
A. De Angelis
P. Giommi
18:00 Adjourn  


Tuesday, September 16, 2003

8:30 Coffee  
9:00 Data Challenge
Overview, Purposes
Simulation, Reconstruction, Production Status
Science Tools Status
Instrument Response Studies
S. Ritz
R. Dubois, T. Usher
S. Digel
W. Atwood
10:40 Break  
11:00 Walk-through of Data Challenge Tools TBA
12:00 Lunch  
13:30 Science Planning
Additional Science Planning Contributions
An Observation Simulator
Status Report on Perugia Group Software Activities
Analyzing Gamma Sources
Radiation Validation of GLAST LAT Parts
GRB Modeling
Digging Deeper into Data
Pulsar Contribution to EGRET and GLAST Diffuse
Galactic Emission
Discovery of a Distinct Higher Energy Spectral
Component in GRB941017
P. Michelson
B. Baughman
F. Marcucci
P. Nolan
R. Rando
N. Omodei
L. Rochester
A. Harding

M.M. González
14:55 Reports on Activities in France
Reports on Activities in Japan
Reports on Activities in Sweden
I. Grenier, D. Smith
T. Ohsugi
P. Carlson
15:45 Break  
16:05 Working Group Breakout Sessions (as needed)  
17:30 Adjourn  


Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Joint meeting with the GLAST SWG. See the SWG meeting agenda to obtain the presentations.