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Active Galactic Nuclei

Author(s) Title
Juan-Carlos Algaba, Bindu Rani Probing outflow and emission of a high redshift quasar
Peter Breiding, Eileen T. Meyer, Markos Georganopoulos, Adursh Iyer, Mary Keenan, and Jennifer Hewitt Testing the IC/CMB model for the large scale jet X-ray emission in AGN with the Fermi/LAT
Aryeh Brill, The VERITAS Collaboration VERITAS Observations of Flat-Spectrum Radio Quasars during Gamma-ray Flares
Liang Chen Constrain jet parameters for gamma-ray-loud AGNs
Graziano Chiaro Searching for unclassified blazars detected by Fermi LAT using artificial neural network algorithms
Stefano Ciprini 4LAC source SED fitting: a cooperative social experiment in the LAT Collaboration
Abhishek Desai, Kari Helgason; Marco Ajello A GeV-TeV Measurement of the Extragalactic Background Light
Justin Finke The Properties of Parsec-Scale Blazar Jets
Adam Harvey, Eileen T. Meyer The seed factor: how a combination of four observables can unveil the location of the blazar GeV emission.
Jeffrey Hodgson, Bindu Rani, Junghwan Oh, Alan Marscher, Svetlana Jorstad, Sang-Sung Lee, Sascha Trippe, Florent Mertens, Yosuke Mizuno "GRB-like" emission in the TeV-detected AGN 3C 84. A solution to the "Doppler crisis"?
Fumiya Imazato, Yasushi Fukazawa Study of the Optical/UV and X-ray variability of NGC 1275 with Swift
Svetlana Jorstad, Alan Marscher, Valeri Larionov, and Karen Williamson Connection between Gamma-ray Activity, Emission Line Variability, and Jet Behavior in Blazars
Matthias Kadler, M. Kreter, K. Mannheim, S. Buson, F. Krauß, R. Ojha, E. Ros Calorimetric Assessment of Neutrino-Blazar Associations
Demosthenes Kazanas, Stella Boula, Apostolos Mastichiadis MHD Accretion Disk Winds and the Blazar Sequence
Demosthenes Kazanas, Ioannis Contopoulos Black Hole Magnetospheres and the Ice Cube Neutrinos
Michael Kreter, M. Kadler, R. Ojha, S. Buson, J. Wilms, M. Boettcher, on behalf of the Fermi/LAT Collaboration Search for High-Redshift Blazars with Fermi/LAT
Tiffany Lewis, Justin Finke, Peter Becker Acceleration Mechanisms in a Simplified Analytic Electron Distribution for Blazars
Benoit Lott, B. Lott, D. Gasparrini and S. Ciprini on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration The Fourth LAT AGN Catalog (4LAC)
Marina Manganaro, Bindu Rani, Giovanna Pedaletti and Elina Lindfors for the Fermi-LAT and MAGIC Collaborations Modeling the broadband emission of blazar S50716+714 during its brigthest outburst
Stefano Marchesi, Marco Ajello; Abhishek Desai; Amanpreet Kaur Towards a full 3D mapping of the $>$10 GeV extragalactic sky: first results from an ongoing spectroscopic follow-up campaign of candidate blazars in the 3FHL catalog
Isabella Mereu Detection of new gamma-ray transients sources in the extra galactic sky with Fermi-LAT
Monica Orienti, F. D'Ammando, M. Giroletti on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration, and D.Dallacasa, G. Giovannini Multi-band and polarization properties of the high-z flaring source S5 0836+710
Vaidehi Paliya, Marco Ajello, Mattia Di Mauro, Alberto Dominguez Under-the-Threshold Populations with Fermi-LAT: the Case of Star-forming Galaxies and Extreme BL Lacs
Raj Prince, Gayathri Raman, Joachim Hahn, Nayantara Gupta, Pratik Majumdar Fermi-LAT Observations of the brightest Gamma-ray flare ever detected from CTA 102
Bhoomika Rajput, C. S. Stalin, Sunder Sahayanathan The complex optical and GeV flux variations in the flat spectrum radio quasar 3C 454.3
Ibrahim Safa, Ali Kheirandish and Francis Halzen A new approach for identifying neutrino sources from Fermi catalogs
David Thompson, Christina D. Moraitis Optimizing Multi-wavelength Blazar Studies through Fermi-LAT and Swift Synergy
Janeth Valverde, Janeth Valverde & Deirdre Horan on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration; Qi Feng & Olivier Hervet on behalf of the VERITAS Collaboration; and multi-wavelength partners. A decade of observations of the TeV blazar 1ES 1215+303 with Fermi-LAT & VERITAS: Using LAT's unique capabilities to explore the physics of blazar jets.
Zachary Weaver, Svetlana G. Jorstad, Alan P. Marscher, Thomas J. Balonek, Valeri M. Larionov, and Paul S. Smith The June 2016 Multi-Frequency Outburst and Optical Micro-Variability of the Blazar 3C454.3
Yajie Yuan, Alexander Yuran Chen, Huan Yang Gamma-ray emission from pair-producing gaps at the base of AGN jets

Dark Matter and New Physics

Author(s) Title
Bijan Berenji Constraints on Axions from Spatially-Extended Gamma Ray Emission from Neutron Stars
Sten Delos, Adrienne Erickcek, Tim Linden The gamma-ray signature of an early matter-dominated era
Galo Gallardo, Rolf Buehler, Alberto Dominguez, Manuel Meyer Search for axion-like particles through their effects on the transparency of the Universe with the Fermi LAT
Sheridan Lloyd, Prof Paula M. Chadwick, Dr Anthony M. Brown Constraining axion mass through Fermi-LAT observations of pulsars

Diffuse Emissions

Author(s) Title
Ilias Cholis, Bhaskaran Balaji, Patrick J. Fox and Samuel D. McDermott Analyzing the Gamma-Ray sky with Wavelets
Mattia Di Mauro, Fiorenza Donato, Silvia Manconi Contribution of Geminga and Monogem Pulsar Wind Nebulae to the positron excess
David Green, Elizabeth A. Hays Measurement of the Cosmic-ray Proton Spectrum with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Katsuhiro Hayashi, T. Mizuno, Y. Fukui, A. Okumura, H. Tajima, on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration Study of the ISM and CRs in Chamaeleon region using the Planck thermal dust optical depth
Alexei Ivlev, V. A. Dogiel, D. O. Chernyshov, D. Malyshev, A. W. Strong, K. S. Cheng Gamma-Ray Emission from Molecular Clouds Generated by Penetrating Cosmic Rays
Theo Joubaud, Isabelle Grenier, Jean-Marc Casandjan Cosmic rays in the Orion-Eridanus superbubble
Chris Karwin, Simona Murgia, Sheldon Campbell, Igor Moskalenko Fermi-LAT Observations of Gamma-ray Emission Towards the Outer Halo of M31
Carolyn Kierans, A. Zoglauer, S.E. Boggs, T.J. Brandt, J.-L. Chiu, A. Lowell, C. Sleator, J.A. Tomsick, J. Roberts, M. Amman, P. Jean, P. von Ballmoos The Galactic positron annihilation signature detected by COSI
Tsunefumi Mizuno, on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration Study of the ISM and CRs in Local HI Clouds
Elena Orlando, Andrew Strong StellarICs: Modeling the Quiescent Gamma-Ray Solar Emission
Elena Orlando The Interstellar Cosmic Ray Spectrum from Multifrequency Observations of the Interstellar Emission
Elena Orlando Galactic Diffuse Emission: Predictions for AMEGO and e-ASTROGAM
Elena Orlando The Interstellar Gamma-Ray Inverse-Compton Emission: Model Improvements
Quentin Remy, Quentin Remy, Isabelle Grenier, Jean-Marc Casandjan A 3D view of our Galaxy: gas, dust, and cosmic rays

Gamma Ray Bursts

Author(s) Title
Michael Briggs, R. Hamburg, P. Veres, C. M. Hui, D. Kocevski, A. Goldstein The Fermi GBM Untargeted Search for Short GRBs and Other Transients
Maria Dainotti, Giacomo Vianello, Nicola Omodei,Vahe' Petrosian Testing the closure relations for GRBs presenting plateau emission
Raphaël Duque, Robert Mochkovitch, Frédéric Daigne Jets in Binary Neutron Star Mergers: from GRB170817A to Future Events
Corinne Fletcher, Adam Goldstein, Suraj Poolakkil, Robert Preece K-corrected Prompt Energy Release for Fermi-GBM Gamma Ray Bursts
Sylvain Guiriec, Frederic Daigne, Chryssa Kouveliotou, Dieter Hartmann, Tsvi Piran, Jonathan Granot, Robert Mochkovitch, Julie McEnery, Judith Racusin & Katsuaki Asano A Unified Model for GRB Prompt Emission from Optical to Gamma Rays: Exploring GRBs as Standard Candles
Truong Le, Vedant Mehta and Cecilia Ratke Excess of GRBs in the Swift Era below redshift of 2
Mark McConnell, Audrey Coleman (UNH), Werner Collmar (MPE), and Andreas Zoglauer (UCB) GRB and Solar Flare Polarimetry with CGRO/COMPTEL
Nicola Omodei, Nicola Omodei, Giacomo Vianello, Daniel Kocevski, Judith Racusin, on behalf of the Fermi LAT collaboration Searches for Gamma-ray Counterparts to Gravitational-Wave Sources with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Suraj Poolakkil, Robert D. Preece, Adam Goldstein The Fermi GBM Gamma-Ray Spectral Catalog: Ten Years of Data
Jakub Ripa, Arman Shafieloo Testing Isotropic Universe Using Properties of Gamma-Ray Bursts Detected by Fermi/GBM, CGRO/BATSE and Swift/BAT
Donggeun Tak, N. Omodei, Z.L. Uhm, J. Racusin. J. McEnery Closure relations of Gamma Ray Bursts in high energy emission
Donggeun Tak, Z.L. Uhm, J. Racusin. B. Zhang, S. Guiriec, and J. McEnery Search for evidence of high latitude emission in Gamma-ray burst broad pulses
Mariusz Tarnopolski, Mariusz Tarnopolski Analysis of the duration--hardness ratio plane of gamma-ray bursts with skewed distributions
Manal Yassine, F. Piron , R. Mochkovitch , F. Daigne , F. Longo , N. Omodei , and G. Vianello on behalf of the Fermi/LAT collaboration A new fitting function for GRB MeV spectra based on the internal shock synchrotron model
Hoi Fung David Yu, Hüsne Dereli-Bégué, Felix Ryde Observed Spectral Correlations in Fermi/GBM GRB Single Pulses using Bayesian Statistics


Author(s) Title
Philippe Bruel, T. Burnett, S. Digel, G. Johannesson, N. Omodei, M. Wood on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration A new version of Pass 8 data
Robert Cameron LAT On-Orbit Performance at 10 Years
Stefano Ciprini LAT Flare Advocate Service at 10 Years
Henrike Fleischhack Galactic Astrophysics with the Southern Gamma-ray Survey Observatory
Sean Griffin, the AMEGO Team Status of the AMEGO Subsystem Development
J Eric Grove, C.C. Cheung, M. Kerr, L.J. Mitchell, B.F. Phlips, R.S. Woolf, E.A Wulf (NRL); C.A. Wilson-Hodge, D. Kocevski (MSFC); M.S. Briggs (UAH); and J. Perkins (GSFC) Glowbug, a Gamma-Ray Telescope for Bursts and Other Transients
Chiumun Hui, M. Briggs, A. Goldstein, P. Jenke, D. Kocevski, C. Wilson-Hodge, E. Burns MoonBEAM: A Beyond Earth-orbit Gamma-ray Burst Detector for Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Noah Kasmanoff Creating a Software Package for BurstCube
Amanpreet Kaur, Abe D. Falcone A Search for Counterparts to the Fermi Unassociated Sources using the Swift X-ray Telescope
Luca Latronico, Benoit Lott, Fabio Gargano, Raffaella Bonino, Francesco Longo, Pasquale Lubrano, Gabrijela Zaharijas The Fermi Masterclass international outreach program
Thomas Loredo, Jeffrey D. Scargle, Tamas Budavari Statistical tools for analysis and modeling of astronomical time series and populations: TSE and CUDAHM
Mark McConnell, Peter F. Bloser (UNH), Lorraine Hanlon (UCD), Jason S. Legere (UNH), Sheila McBreen (UCD), James M. Ryan (UNH), and Alexey Uliyanov (UCD) A low energy Compton imager for GRB polarization studies
Pragati Pradhan, Pragati Pradhan, Jamie Kennea , Abe Falcone and David Burrows Exploring on-board transient detection with Athena Wide Field Imager
Jingyuan Ren, Ren Jingyuan, Su Meng for the HERD collaboration The High Energy cosmic-Radiation Detection (HERD) facility
Pablo Saz Parkinson, Jason Fan (Department of Physics & Laboratory for Space Research, The University of Hong Kong), Philip Yu (Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, The University of Hong Kong), Graziano Chiaro (INAF-IASF, Milano) Classification and Ranking of Fermi LAT Gamma-ray Sources using Machine Learning Techniques
Mutsumi Sugizaki, N. Kawai, M. Matsuoka, T. Mihara, S. Nakahira, H. Negoro, M. Nakajima, T. Sakamoto, M. Serino, S. Sugita, S. Ueno, H. Tomida, Y. Ueda, Y. Tsuboi, W. Iwakiri, H. Tsunemi, M. Yamauchi, T. Kawamuro, K. Yamaoka, M. Shidatsu, and MAXI Team Recent results of MAXI all-sky X-ray survey on the ISS
Hiroyasu Tajima, Akira Okumura, Yasunobu Uchiyama, Tsunefumi Mizuno, Johann Cohen-Tanugi Studies of galactic sources with image restoration technique

Other Extragalactic

Author(s) Title
Wenlei Chen, Manel Errando, James H. Buckley, Francesc Ferrer Novel Search for TeV-Initiated Pair Cascades in the Intergalactic Medium
Virginia Cunningham, Brad Cenko, Eric Burns, Adam Goldstein, Amy Lien, Valerie Connaughton, Michael Briggs, Matthew Stanbro, Dan Kocevski, Judy Racusin, Cole Miller A Search for High-Energy Counterparts to Fast Radio Bursts
Michela Negro, Nicolao Fornengo, Marco Regis and Simone Ammazzalorso The unresolved gamma-ray sky through its angular power spectrum
Andrii Petrashyk, The VERITAS Collaboration Production of Cosmic Rays in the Starburst Galaxy M82

Other Galactic

Author(s) Title
Raniere de Menezes, Fabio Cafardo, Rodrigo Nemmen On the population of Milky Way globular clusters in gamma-rays
Binita Hona, Dr. Henrike Fleischhack, Dr. Petra Huentemeyer Particle Acceleration by a Star Forming Region in the Cygnus Constellation with HAWC and Fermi-LAT
Frederic Jaron, Maria Massi, Sebastian Kiehlmann, Talvikki Hovatta Simultaneous long-term monitoring of LS I +61°303 by OVRO and Fermi-LAT
Mark Kennedy, R. P. Breton, C. J. Clark, V. S. Dhillon, T. R. Marsh, D. Mata Sánchez, J. Stringer, G. Voisin Optical Variability in the Candidate Transitional Millisecond Pulsar 3FGL J0427.9-6704
Pierrick Martin, Virginie Slagmolen Investigating the (lack of) gamma-ray emission from superbubbles
Hambeleleni Ndiyavala, C. Venter, T. J. Johnson, A. K. Harding on behalf of the Fermi LAT Collaboration; S. Casanova, A.-C. Clapson, W. Domainko, M. Dyrda, P. Eger, M. Jamrozy, A. Kopp, and D. J. Van Der Walt Broadband Spectral Modeling of the Galactic Globular Cluster Terzan 5
Jamie Holder, Tyler Williamson X-ray and TeV gamma-ray emission from the 50-year period binary system PSR J2032+4127/MT91 213


Author(s) Title
Monica Barnard, Christo Venter, Alice K. Harding and Constantinos Kalapotharakos on behalf of the Fermi LAT Collaboration The Role of the Magnetospheric Structure on the Energy-dependent Light Curves of the Vela Pulsar
Fabio Cruz, A. Chen, A. Spitkovsky, T. Grismayer, L. O. Silva Axisymmetric PIC simulations of pulsar magnetospheres with ab initio photon emission and pair production
Chris Gordon, Harrison Ploeg, Roland Crocker, and Oscar Macias Consistency Between the Luminosity Function of Resolved Millisecond Pulsars and the Galactic Center Excess
Hayk Hakobyan, Alexander Philippov, Anatoly Spitkovsky Effects of two-photon pair production on reconnection in the outer magnetosphere of gamma-ray pulsars
Kun Hu, Matthew G. Baring Constraints on Magnetar's Maximum Visible Energies from Opacities for Photon Splitting and Pair Creation
Constantinos Kalapotharakos, Alice K. Harding, Demosthenes Kazanas Global PIC Pulsar Magnetosphere Models: Reproducing the FERMI Gamma-Ray Phenomenology for Millisecond and Young Pulsars
Matthew Kerr, Roger Romani, Elizabeth Ferrara, Colin Clark, Lars Nieder Searching For Eclipsing Neutron Star Binaries
Brent Limyansky, H. Ohuchi, E. Gotthelf, L. Guillemot, C. P. Hu, C.-Y. Ng, P. Saz Parkinson, S. Ransom and D. A. Smith on behalf of the Fermi LAT Collaboration High Energy Pulsations from PSR J2022+3842
Roberto Mignani, A. Shearer, B. Rudak Optical, ultraviolet, and infrared follow-ups of Fermi pulsars
Albertus Seyffert, C Venter, AK Harding, C Kalapotharakos, on behalf of the Fermi LAT Collaboration Constraining pulsar magnetospheric electrodynamics via joint radio and gamma-ray light curve fitting
Mutsumi Sugizaki, M. Oeda, N. Kawai, T. Mihara, K. Makishima, and M. Nakajima MAXI results of the Galactic ultra-luminous X-ray pulsar Swift J0243.6+6124
Colleen Wilson-Hodge, C. Malacaria (NPP/MSFC/USRA), P. A. Jenke (UAH), G. K. Jaisawal (DTU Space), M. Kerr (NRL), M. T. Wolff (NRL), Z. Arzoumanian (NASA/GSFC), D. Chakrabarty (MIT), J. P. Doty (Noqsi Aerospace Ltd.), K. C. Gendreau (NASA/GSFC), S. Guillot (CNRS/CNES), W. C. G. Ho (Haverford College/Univ. of Southampton), B. LaMarr (MIT), C. B. Markwardt (NASA/GSFC), F. Ozel (Univ. of Arizona), G. Y. Prigozhin (MIT), P. S. Ray (NRL), M. Ramos-Lerate (ESA/ESAC), R. A. Remillard (MIT), T. E. Strohmayer (NASA/GSFC), M. L. Vezie (MIT), K. S. Wood (Praxis Inc.) on behalf of the NICER and GBM teams Swift J0243.6+6124, the First Galactic Ultraluminous X-ray Pulsar
Hoi Fung David Yu, Chung Yue Hui, Albert K. H. Kong, Jumpei Takata Bayesian Inference on Radio and Gamma-Ray Pulsars


Author(s) Title
Soheila Abdollahi, Jean Ballet, Tsunefumi Mizuno, Yasushi Fukazawa, Hideaki Katagiri on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration On the origin of the gamma-ray emission toward SNR CTB 37A with Fermi-LAT
Chad Brisbois, Vikas Joshi 2HWC J2019+367: A Pulsar, but how?
Ludmilla Dirson, Ludmilla Dirson, Dieter Horns Inverse compton scattering model of the Crab Nebula
Jordan Eagle, Stefano Marchesi, Daniel Castro, Marco Ajello, Laura Duvidovich 2FHL J0826.1-45.00: Discovery of a new VHE Galactic Accelerator
Justin Finke, John Kroon, Peter Becker Time-Dependent Electron Acceleration in Pulsar Wind Termination Shocks: Application to the 2007 September Crab Nebula Gamma-ray Flare
Noel Klingler, Oleg Kargaltsev Pulsar Wind Nebulae from Radio to X-rays and Gamma-rays
Qinrui Liu, Ali Kheirandish Searching for Neutrinos from Pulsar Wind Nebulae with IceCube
Tsutomu Nagayoshi, David Green, Christian Fruck, Marcel Strzys Gamma-ray emission spectrum in HESS J1912+101 region
Takaaki Tanaka, Hiroya Yamaguchi, Daniel R. Wik, Hiroyuki Uchida, Yasunobu Uchiyama, Felix A. Aharonian, Aya Bamba, Daniel Castro, Adam R. Foster, Robert Petre, Jeonghee Rho, Randall K. Smith, Brian J. Williams NuSTAR Detection of Nonthermal Emission from the Supernova Remnant W49B and Its Implications for Gamma-ray Emission Mechanism
Carlo van Rensburg, Christo Venter, on behalf of the Fermi LAT Collaboration Morphological and Spectral Modeling of Fermi Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Paul Kin-Hang Yeung, Paul Kin-Hang Yeung The Energy-dependent $gamma$-ray Morphology of the Crab Nebula Observed with the $Fermi$ Large Area Telescope

Solar System

Author(s) Title
Nat Gopalswamy, P. Makela, S. Yashiro, S. Akiyama, H. Xie, R. J. MacDowall Evidence for Shock Source of Sustained Gamma-ray Emission from the Sun
Naila Noreen, R. A. Lopez, P. H. Yoon, S. Zaheer Electron Contribution in mirror instability in quasi linear regime