Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Fifth International Fermi Symposium


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9.01 Björn Ahlgren Fitting a Subphotospheric Dissipation Model to Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Data
8.01 Margo Aller The Extreme Gamma-Ray-Emitting Blazar S5 0716+714: Jet Conditions from Radio-Band Variability and Radiative Transfer Modeling
2.01 Brandon Anderson Using Likelihood for Combinations of Astrophysical Sources
1.01 Makoto Arimoto Wide-Field MAXI: Soft X-ray Transient Monitor
5.01 Abdul Asvarov Gamma Rays from Radiative SNRs
6.01 Piotr Banasinski Inhomogeneous SSC Model for the Gamma-ray Production in Jets of Microquasars
6.02 Wlodek Bednarek High Energy Emission from Extended Region Within the Blazar jet During Quiet Gamma-ray State
8.02 Wlodek Bednarek Origin of the TeV Gamma-ray Source Towards Globular Cluster Ter 5
6.03 Karsten Berger VERITAS Observations of the Unidentified Point Source HESS J1943+213
1.02 Denis Bernard A Thin Homogeneous Telescope and Polarimeter as the Post-Fermi Mission?
9.02 Elisabetta Bissaldi Temporal and Spectral Properties of Bright BGO GRBs Detected by Fermi
5.02 Oscar Blanch Bigas Discovery of TeV Gamma-ray Emission from the Pulsar Wind Nebula 3C 58 by MAGIC
2.02 Raffaella Bonino The Pass 8 Cosmic Ray Electrons Event Class
11.01 Michael Briggs Highlights of Fermi GBM Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flash (TGF) Observations
8.03 Richard Britto Spectral Studies of Flaring FSRQs at GeV Energies Using Pass 8 Fermi-LAT Data
9.03 J. Michael Burgess GRB Spectral Analysis: A Cautionary Tale
8.04 Sara Buson Fermi LAT Detection of a Hard Spectrum Flare from the Gravitationally Lens Blazar B0218+357
2.03 Robert Cameron On-Orbit Operation and Performance of the Fermi Large Area Telescope
3.01 Regina Caputo Detailed Look at the 133 GeV Feature in Pass 7 and Pass 8
5.03 Micaela Caragiulo Study of the extended Supernova Remnant RCW86 with Pass8 Fermi-LAT Data
8.05 Carolina Casadio Fermi Gamma-ray Detection of the Radiogalaxy 3C120 and its Connection with the VLBI Jet
8.06 Elisabetta Cavazzuti A Catalog of Long-term Variable Sources from the First 6 Years of the Fermi Large Area Telescope
8.10 Elisabetta Cavazzuti A Catalog of Long-term Variable Sources from the First 6 Years of the Fermi Large Area Telescope
2.04 Stefano Ciprini Highlights on Gamma-ray Variability of Fermi LAT Detected AGN
2.05 Stefano Ciprini 6 Years of Fermi LAT Flare Advocate Monitoring
8.07 Stefano Ciprini ASDC Tools in the Multi-energy/Time/Messenger Era
2.06 Lynn Cominsky Five Years of Fermi Communications and Public Outreach
1.03 Paolo Cumani Gamma-ray Performance of the GAMMA-400 Detector
1.04 Paolo Cumani The GAMMA-400 Space Mission
8.08 Filippo D'Ammando A Panchromatic View of Relativistic Jets in Gamma-ray Emitting Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
9.04 Maria Dainotti Is the Plateau Emission Also a Feature of High Energy GRBs?
3.02 Tansu Daylan GeV Excess Electrons Upscattering the CMB: A Possible Resolution to the "Photon Underproduction Crisis"
4.01 Thibaut desgardin The Low-energy Gamma-ray Sky Seen by Fermi-LAT
8.09 Alberto Dominguez A Review on the Extragalactic Background Light
7.01 Chris Elenbaas Magnetar Giant Flare Timescales and the Relativistic Tearing Mode
7.02 Elizabeth Ferrara Investigating Bright Fermi-LAT Pulsar-like Unassociated Sources
10.01 Anna Franckowiak Search for Gamma-ray Production in Supernovae Located in a Dense Circumstellar Medium with Fermi-LAT
8.11 Amy Furniss Simultaneous Broadband Observations of the Jet-dominated Gamma-ray Galaxies Mrk 421 and Mrk 501 with NuSTAR
11.02 Nicola Giglietto Quiet Sun Gamma ray Observations During the First six Years
8.12 Marcello Giroletti Gamma-ray Light Curve and VLBI Polarization Connection in Mrk 421
3.04 German Gomez-Vargas Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation in the Smith High-Velocity Cloud
2.07 David Green Developing a Pass 8 Cosmic-Ray Proton Event Class
9.05 Sylvain Guiriec GRB 131014A: A Natural Laboratory to Study the Prompt-Emission Thermal-Like Component and its Connection to the Non-Thermal Contribution
3.05 Michael Gustafsson Dark Matter Constraints from Fermi LAT Measurement of the Isotropic Gamma-ray Background
5.04 Yoshitaka Hanabata Detailed Investigation of the Gamma-Ray Emission in the Vicinity of SNR W28 with Fermi Large Area Telescope
8.13 Talvikki Hovatta Optical and Radio Polarization of Fermi Blazars
7.03 David Hui Spider Invasion Across the Galaxy
3.06 Tomoaki Ishiyama Structures of Dark Matter Halos Near the Free Streaming Scale and Their Impact on Indirect Detections
8.14 Ryosuke Itoh Study For Relation Between Direction of Relativistic jet and Optical Polarization Angle With Multi-wavelenght Observation
6.04 Frederic Jaron Discovery of a Periodical Apoastron GeV peak in LS I +61°303
6.05 Long Ji Feedback of type-I Bursts to the Accretion Process in X-ray Binaries
7.04 Constantinos Kalapotharakos Modeling of the Gamma-ray Emission of Pulsar Magnetospheres in the Fermi Era
8.15 Kenji Kawaguchi Kanata optical and X-ray monitoring of Gamma-ray emitting Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 and Radio galaxies
1.05 Takafumi Kawano Pathfinder Flight of the Polarized Gamma-ray Observer (PoGOLite) in 2013
4.02 Masashi Kimura Comparison Between Fermi Bubble and Loop-I Observed by MAXI/SSC
7.05 Shota Kisaka X-ray Emission of Middle Aged Gamma-ray Pulsars
5.05 Stefan Klepser A Population of TeV Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey
6.06 Daniel Kocevski GRB 130427A in Cosmological Context
9.06 Daniel Kocevski Searching for Variability in the Gamma-ray Sky Using the Fermi All-sky Variability Analysis (FAVA)
8.16 Felicia Krauss The TANAMI View of the IceCube PeV Neutrino Events
1.06 Shin Kurita Development of a Micro-satellite TSUBAME for X-ray Polarimetry of GRBs
5.06 Helene Laffon Detection of the High Spin-down Powered Pulsars PSR J1837-0604 and PSR J1831-0952 with the Fermi-LAT
7.06 Helene Laffon The Puzzling Case of HESS J1640-465 and HESS J1641-463 as Seen by the Fermi-LAT
6.07 Jian Li High Energy Gamma-ray Emission from PSR B1259-63/SS 2883 During 2014 Periastron Passage
7.07 Tim Linden The Spectra and Luminosity Function of Gamma-Ray Millisecond Pulsars
6.08 Alan Loh Probing the High-energy Emission of the Very Nearby CV SS Cygni: Testing Unification Along the Mass Scale?
8.17 Benoit Lott Assessing the Short-timescale Variability in LAT Blazars
3.07 Dmitry Malyshev Fermi LAT Limit on Evaporation of Primordial Black Holes
4.03 Douglas Marshall The Chameleon Molecular Complex as Seen by the Fermi-LAT and Planck
6.09 Hironori Matsumoto Suzaku Observation of the Fermi Source HESSJ1507-622
6.10 Tatehiro Mihara Radio Quenching State of Cygnus X-3
3.08 Nestor Mirabal The Smith Cloud and its Dark Matter Halo
4.04 Tsunefumi Mizuno Suzaku Observations of the Fermi Cygnus Cocoon: Search for a Signature of Young Cosmic ray Electrons
10.02 Masaki Mori Fermi LAT Detection of two High Galactic Latitude Gamma-ray Sources, Fermi J1049.7+0435 and J1103.2+1145
2.08 Igor Moskalenko Production of Secondary Particles and Gamma Rays in pp- and pA-interactions
8.18 Ken-Ichi Nishikawa Radiation from Accelerated Particles in Relativistic Jets With Shocks and Shear-flow
9.07 Masanori Ohno Observations of Gamma-ray Bursts with ASTRO-H and Fermi
11.03 Nicola Omodei Monitoring the Sun with the Large Area Telescope
8.19 Monica Orienti Flaring Gamma-ray Emission from High Redshift Blazars
4.05 Elena Orlando Cosmic Rays Traced by Interstellar Emission at Fermi-LAT Energies and Radio Frequencies
4.06 Elena Orlando Cosmic-ray Propagation Models: 3D Magnetic Fields and Induced Interstellar Emission in Radio
1.07 Jeremy Perkins Constraints on Very High Energy Emission from GRB 130427A
9.08 Jeremy Perkins BurstCube: A Gamma-ray Burst Detecting Swarm of CubeSats
2.09 Alexei Pozanenko Non-parametric Dead Time Influence Estimation for TGF
2.10 Massimiliano Razzano Simulating the Sky Seen by Fermi: New Results and Perspectives
7.08 Massimiliano Razzano The Vela Pulsar: An Unprecedented View from Fermi
5.07 Ignasi Reichardt Fermi/LAT Study of the Cygnus Loop Supernova Remnant: Discovery of a Point-like Source and of Spectral Differences in the Shell
6.11 Olaf Reimer Eta Carinae's First Full Orbit in the Fermi Era
4.07 Quentin Remy Interstellar Models of gas and Dust in Taurus-Perseus Clouds with Planck and Fermi Data
5.08 Soonyoung Roh Cosmic Rays Escape from Supernova Remnants in a Multiphase Interstellar Medium
2.11 Takanori Sakamoto Sprite Observations by GRT-WF: Correlative study of Sprites and TGFs
8.20 David Sanchez The Multiwavelenght Campaign on PKS 2155-304 with Nustar, Fermi and H.E.S.S.
8.21 David Sanchez H.E.S.S. Observations of the 2012 Flare of PG 1553+113
4.08 Kento Sasaki Time and Space Dependent Stochastic Acceleration Model for Fermi Bubbles
7.09 Pablo Saz Parkinson Fermi-LAT Detection of Gamma-ray Pulsars Above 10 GeV
9.09 Sanshiro Shibata Radiative Transfer Simulations for Thermal Radiation from GRB Jet
8.22 Hiroyuki Shirakawa Study of the X-ray Emission Mechanism of Radio-loud Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxy
6.12 Julian Sitarek Very High Energy Gamma-ray Follow-up Observations of Novae and Dwarf Novae with the MAGIC Telescopes
4.09 Andrew Smith VERITAS Observations of The Galactic Center Ridge
1.08 Meng Su PANGU: a High Resolution Gamma-Ray Space Telescope
8.23 Juri Sugimoto MAXI Monitoring of Blazars and Blackhole Binaries
8.24 Yutaro Tachibana A Correlation Between Optical, X-ray, and Gamma-ray Variations in Blazer 3C 454.3
1.09 Atsushi Takada All Sky Survey with an Electron-Tracking Compton and Pair-Tracking Camera Using a Gaseous Time Projection Chamber
1.10 Satoru Takahashi GRAINE Project, High Resolution Imaging and Polarization Sensitive Gamma-ray Observation With Balloon-borne Large Aperture Emulsion Telescope
2.13 Mitsunari Takahashi Calorimeter Only Analysis of the Fermi
10.03 Hiromitsu Takahashi X-ray View of Andromeda Galaxy
5.09 Yasuyuki Tanaka Six-years of Fermi-LAT and Multi-wavelength Monitoring of the Broad Line Radio Galaxy 3C 120
8.25 Shuta Tanaka Broadband Emission from Wind Nebulae Powered by Magnetars
10.04 Qingwen Tang Discovery of GeV Emission from the Direction of the Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC 2146
3.09 Kamal Tanti Multi-wavelength Emission from Dark Matter Pair Annihilation in Local Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
3.10 Satoshi Tsuchida Gamma-ray Spectrum from Annihilation of Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter and its Observability
8.26 Shimpei Tsujimoto Blazar Variability and Evolution in the GeV Regime
11.04 Justin Vandenbroucke A Search for Gamma Rays from Main Belt Asteroids
2.14 Giacomo Vianello First Results from HAWC, and its Synergies with Fermi
2.15 Andreas von Kienlin Search for Nuclear Gamma-ray Line Emission from Astrophysical Sources in the GBM Continuous Spectral Data
8.27 Brendan Wells Methods for Identifying Pair Halos
8.28 Rafal Wojaczynski Fermi-LAT Upper Limit for NGC 4151 and its Theoretical Implication
5.10 Yi Xing Interaction of the SNR KES 27 with a Neighbor HI Cloud Viewed by Fermi
1.11 Kazutaka Yamaoka CALET Gamma-ray Burst Monitor on the ISS
9.10 Binbin Zhang Unveiling the Un-triggered Short GRBs from Fermi GBM Continuous Observations
3.11 Stephan Zimmer Non-detections of Gamma-rays from Galaxy Clusters with the Fermi-LAT: Status and Implications for Cosmic ray and Dark Matter Physics