Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Sixth International Fermi Symposium - Posters

Abeysekara, A. U. VERITAS AGN Observation Program
Abrahams, R. D. Calibrating column density tracers with gamma-ray observations of the $\rho$ Ophiuchi molecular cloud
Allafort, A. Towards the Fermi First High-Energy Solar Flare Catalog
Anderson, B. LAT Particle Discrimination Using Deep Learning
Araya, M. Modeling the multi wavelength emission from G73.9+0.9: gamma-rays from a SNR-MC interaction
Arimoto, M. High-energy non-thermal and thermal emissions from GRB141207A detected by Fermi LAT
Arimoto, M. iWF-MAXI (iSEEP Wide Field MAXI): Soft X-ray Transient Monitor on ISS
Arvay, Z. Selfentangled Majorana Objects
Axelsson, M. Constraining Emission Mechanisms in Gamma-Ray Bursts using Spectral Width
Baldini, L. Pass 8 vs. Pass 7: How Statistically (In)Dependent Are They? (And Why Should You Care?)
Barchas, J. A. Polarized Comptonized Emission in Magnetar Flares
Baring, M. G. Two-Photon Pair Creation Opacities in Gamma-Ray Pulsars
Bissaldi, E. Prospects for Gamma-Ray Bursts detection by the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Blackburn, L. Targeted search for gravitational-wave counterparts in Fermi-GBM
Blandford, R. Some New Approaches to Particle Acceleration and Gamma-Ray Emisssion in Relativistic Plasmas: Magnetoluminescence, Electromagnetic Detonation and Gamma-Ray Scintillation
Bloom, E. D. A New Template Method to Subtract the Earth Limb for Pass 8 Analysis
Bonnefoy, S. Pulsars at Very High Energies with the MAGIC Telescopes and the Fermi-LAT
Brambilla, G. Developing of a specialized Particle-In-Cell code to study Pulsar Magnetospheres
Brandt, T. New SNR Candidates in the First Fermi-LAT SNR Catalog
Brisbois, C. A. LAT Pass 8 Constraints on Lorentz Invariance Violations with GRB090510A
Burns, E. Comparing the GRB spectra measured by Konus-Wind and Fermi GBM
Burns, E. Do the Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor and Swift Burst Alert Telescope see the Same Short Gamma-Ray Bursts?
Buson, S. Search for Gamma-Ray Emission from Galactic Novae with Pass 8
Cameron, R. A. The Fermi LAT at 7 years: Performance and Operating Status
Caputo, R. Compton-Pair Production Space Telescope: Extending Fermi-LAT Discoveries into MeV Gamma-ray Astronomy
Carpenter, B. Broadband Spectral Energy Distributions and the Classification of Gamma-ray Flaring States in Active Galactic Nuclei
Charisi, M. Catalog of Isolated Emission Episodes in Gamma-Ray Bursts from Fermi, Swift and BATSE
Cheung, C. C. Fermi Reveals New Light on Novae in Gamma rays
Chomiuk, L. Why are many (but not all!) novae detected by Fermi?
Ciprini, S. ASDC tools in the multi-energy/time/messenger era
Ciprini, S. Long-term MAGIC and multi-wavelength observations on PG 1553+113
Cohen, J. M. Search for Extended Sources in the Galactic Plane Above 10 GeV with Pass 8
Condon, B. Cosmic-ray acceleration in RCW 86 : new clues from HESS and Fermi-LAT Pass 8 data
Corbet, R. H. D. Periodic Modulation of Fermi 3FGL Sources From Seven Years of LAT Pass 8 Data
Cortina, J. MACHETE: A Transit Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope to Survey Half of the Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Sky
Daylan, T. Inference of Dim Gamma-Ray Point Sources Using Probabilistic Catalogues
Deng, W. MHD simulations of collision-induced magnetic reconnection in Poynting-flux-dominated jets and interpretation to the polarization observations of GRBs and blazar flares
Digel, S. W. Measuring Cosmic Rays in the Halo of the Milky Way from Fermi-LAT Observations of Intermediate and High-Velocity Clouds
Donato, F. Electron and positron data: viable interpretations
Dorner, D. Multi-Wavelength View on TeV Blazars
Dotson, A. On the Location of the 2009 GeV Flares of Blazar PKS 1510-089
Engelke, P. D. Thermal OH Emission: A New Probe of Galaxy Structure
Fitzpatrick, G. The Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flash (TGF) Catalog
Fukazawa, Y. The ASTRO-H mission
Geringer-Sameth, A. A Search for Dark Matter Annihilation in Newly Discovered Dwarf Galaxies
Goldstein, A. Estimating Long GRB Jet Opening Angles and Rest-Frame Energetics
Golkhou, V. Z. The Fastest Fermi GRBs
Green, D. M. Fermi-LAT Measurement of Cosmic-ray Proton Spectrum
Greiner, J. Pair plasma in recent V404 Cyg flares?
Grove, J. E. Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes as Seen by the Fermi LAT
Hales, S.. Studies of Fermi GRB Host Galaxies via Optical Afterglow Spectroscopy
Hamburg, R. Modeling Systematic Uncertainty in GBM GRB Localizations
Hare, J. Automated classification of X-ray sources in the fields of GeV and TeV sources
Heussaff, V. The distribution of GRB spectral lags
Heussaff, V. Selection effects in the Epi-Eiso plane
Horiuchi, S. Cross Correlation of Extragalactic Gamma-ray Background and Luminous Red Galaxies
Hou, X. Fermi-LAT observations of the Local Group Galaxy M33
Humensky, T. B. A Deep Observation of the Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant with VERITAS
Jaron, F. Timing Characteristics of the Gamma-ray Emission from LS I +61303
Johnson, T. J. Observations of Gamma-ray Spiders with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Jorstad, S. G. Diversity in Multi-Wavelength Behavior of Bright Gamma-Ray Blazars
Kaur, A. Photometric Redshifts of 3FGL Fermi BL Lacs with Swift-UVOT and GROND
Kazanas, D. MHD Winds, AGN Unification Torii and the Blazar Sequence
Khatiwada, R. S. Spectral Lags and Alternative explanations
Kheirandish, A. Neutrinos from TeV Gamma Ray Sources
Kocevski, D. Investigating The Nature of High-Energy Emission from GRBs Through Joint Fermi/Swift Observations
Kong, A. K. H. A Systematic Search of Gamma-ray Emission from Black Hole X-ray Binaries
Krauß, F. Multi-epoch quasi-simultaneous SEDs of southern blazars
Krause, M. The VERITAS Survey of the Cygnus Region
Kumar, S. The TeV Morphology of the Interacting Supernova Remnant IC 443
Larsson, S. Multi-Timescale Variability in Blazars
Li, Z. Diagnose the Sources of IceCube Neutrinos with Fermi Observation
Li, K. L. The Long-Lived Gamma-Ray Nova: Nova Sagittarii 2015 No. 2
Liang, E. W. A Tight L_iso? Ep,z? ?_0 Correlation of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Linden, T. Astrophysical Models of the GeV Gamma-Ray Excess
Loparco, F. Fermi LAT observations of the lunar gamma-ray emission
MacDonald, N. R. Discerning the Origin of Orphan Gamma-Ray Flares
Macias, O. Accounting for Secondary Gamma-Ray Emission Spatial Morphology in the Galactic Center
Magill, J. D. Fermi Large Area Telescope Detection of Extended of Gamma-Ray Emission from the Radio Galaxy Fornax A
Majid, W. A. Pulsars at the Center of the Galaxy
Manfreda, A. Geomagnetic effects on the CR Electron Spectrum measured by the Fermi-LAT
Mao, P. Blazar Demographics Using Fermi+Multiwavelength Data
Martin, P. Deep View of the Large Magellanic Cloud with Six Years of Fermi-LAT Observations
Mazziotta, M. N. Search for Cosmic Ray Electron Anisotropies with the Fermi-LAT Pass 8 data
Mazziotta, M. N. Production of Secondary Particles and Nuclei in Cosmic Rays Collisions with the Interstellar Gas using the FLUKA code
Mazziotta, M. N. A background-model-independent analysis of the Fermi Large Area Telescope gamma-ray data from the Milky Way dwarf galaxies to constrain dark matter scenarios
Negro, M. Event Selection and Systematics Evaluation of the Cosmic-ray Electrons Analysis
Mignani, R. Multi-wavelength observations of unidentified Fermi sources
Mirabal, N. Archival Search for Primordial Ultra-Compact Minihalos in Unassociated 3FGL Sources
Mohamed, M. Resolving spectral components of gamma-bright AGN
Mohamed, M. Indication for multi-component Gamma-ray spectrum for 1ES0229+200
Moin, A. Multi-wavelength study of Fermi-LAT GRB 100414A: comparison of fireball models, inferences on the central engine
Moretti, E. Signs of Magnetic Acceleration and Multi-Zone Emission in GRB 080825C
Mueller, C. Radio and Gamma-ray Characteristics of the Brightest Extragalactic Jets in the Southern Sky
Murphy, R. J. Accelerated 3He Reactions in Solar Flares
Mysore, A. R. Gamma-rays from the new SNR G150.3+4.5
Necib, L. Energy-Dependent Analysis of Unresolved Point Sources in the Inner Galaxy
Nieto, D. The VERITAS Program on Indirect Dark Matter Searches
Ohuchi, Haruka. Does PSR J2022+3842 emit gamma-rays?
Omodei, N. Particle Transport in Behind-the-Limb Solar Flares
Orienti, M. Detecting Gamma-ray Emission from Young Radio Sources
Pearson, T. J. Blazar Jets: insights from Radio and Gamma-ray Light Curves
Ray, P. S. Timing and Fermi LAT Analysis of Four Millisecond Pulsars Discovered in Parkes Radio Searches of Gamma-ray Sources
Rodd, N. Constraining A Complex Dark Sector With Fermi
Ryan, J. L. Investigating the Gamma-ray Variability of Blazars
Santander, M. (for the VERITAS Collab.) VERITAS detection of VHE gamma-ray emission from the blazar S3 1227+25
Sasada, M. Time-Domain Anaysis of Kepler Blazar W2R 1926+42
Shrader, C. R. Exploring the Variability Characteristics of the Fermi AGN Sample
Smith, A. W. VERITAS Observations of V404 Cyg During Its Historical 2015 Outburst
Spada, F. Observation of the Earth Limb with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Su, M. S. PANGU: a sub-GeV gamma-ray detector proposed for the joint CAS-ESA misson
Suzuki, A. Breakout Emission from an Ultra-relativisic Fireball Colliding with a Freely Expanding Gas
Takahashi, H. Fermi/LAT observations of Eta Carinae during 2014 periastron passage
Tam, P. H. T. Fermi-LAT Observations of Magnetars and their Environments
Tanaka, Y. T. No Evidence of Intrinsic Optical Near-Infrared Linear Polarization and Fermi-LAT Observation for V404 Cyg during the Bright Outburst in 2015: Broadband Modeling and Constraint on Jet Parameters
Tang, QingWen. Measuring the Bulk Lorentz Factors of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Fermi
Testa, M. Introducing the Pass 8 Event Types: Event-by-Event Reconstruction Quality in Fermi-LAT Data
Thompson, D. J. Rapid Release of Fermi Results
Timokhin, A. N. What Fermi does and does not tell us about pulsar emission mechanism(s)
Uemura, M. The study of magnetic field direction in blazar jets by identifying optical outbursts using the l1 trend filter.
Unsal, A. M. Spectral Analysis of Gamma Ray Bursts with Thermal Signature During their Prompt Phase
Vandenbroucke, J. Evidence from Fermi LAT against star-forming galaxies as the dominant source of IceCube neutrinos
Vandenbroucke, J. Constraints on asteroid abundance at the one-meter scale from Fermi LAT observations
Venters, T. M. The Advanced Energetic Pair Telescope (AdEPT), a High Sensitivity Medium-Energy Gamma-Ray Polarimeter
Vianello, G. Features of >130 Gamma-Ray Bursts at high energy: the 2nd LAT GRB catalog
Vianello, G. Detection of pair-opacity effects in the prompt emission of the peculiar GRB 100724B
Vlasov, A. D. Modeling the synchrotron radio emission from gamma-ray novae
von Kienlin, A. Search for nuclear gamma-ray line emission from astrophysical sources in the GBM continuous spectral data - an update
von Kienlin, A. Using GRBs to cross-calibrate Fermi/GBM and INTEGRAL/SPI
Wagner, S. J. Resolving spectral components of gamma-bright AGN
Ward, J. E. MAGIC and the Galactic Center Region: Variability Searches During the G2 Pericenter Passage and Morphological Studies.
Wasti, S. A PCA Approach to Estimating the Background for the GRAPE Balloon Experiment
Wells, B. Methods for Identifying Pair Halos
Wood, K. S. Gamma-ray Flare Activity From PSR B1259?63 During 2014 Periastron Passage and Comparison to its 2010 Passage
Wood, M. Validation and In-Flight Calibration of the Pass 8 Instrument Response Functions
Wu, C. H. A Search for Candidates of Variable Gamma-ray Pulsars
Wu, J. New radio and gamma-ray pulsar searches among 3FGL unassociated sources: preparation and first results
Yu, H.-F. The Fermi GBM GRB Time-Resolved Spectral Catalog: Brightest Bursts in the First Four Years
Zhang, J. Correlations among Jet, Accretion Disk, and Broad Line Region of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars
Zhang, B.-B. Typical Band Function is Made from Synchrotron