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Welcome to Fermi Fridays! As we celebrate Fermi's 10 years in space, Friday has become our special day. Every Friday, we'll discuss a topic having to do with the facinating science Fermi is doing, the technology that has been developed to make Fermi more productive, the amazing people that make it all happen, and the many ways that Fermi has inspired others.

We hope you'll check in each week as we unveil a new Fermi Fridays topic. And you can always follow us on social media to get the latest from the Fermi 10-year celebration!

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March's Topic: Active Galactic Nuclei

What are Active Galacti Nuclei, and why are they so interesting to Fermi scientists? Find out more about these giant, powerful, and numerous gamma-ray objects.
Scientists monitoring Active Galactic Nuclei need to know when one of them starts to flare. As an all-sky scanning instrument, Fermi is often the first to detect activity. Find out how the data gets to scientists quickly to allow for rapid multi-wavelength observations.
Astrophysicists learn about how AGN jets form, energize particles, and radiate such an extreme amount of light by studying not only gamma rays, but also by watching their light at other wavelengths.

Art of the Sky: AGN science inspires art!

Fermi Xtra: It's a surprise!

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