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Fermi Fridays

Welcome to Fermi Fridays! As we celebrate Fermi's 10 years in space, Friday has become our special day. Every Friday, we'll discuss a topic having to do with the facinating science Fermi is doing, the technology that has been developed to make Fermi more productive, the amazing people that make it all happen, and the many ways that Fermi has inspired others.

We hope you'll check in each week as we unveil a new Fermi Fridays topic. And you can always follow us on social media to get the latest from the Fermi 10-year celebration!

We are keeping an archive of the previous Fermi Fridays in case you've missed any.

July's Topic: Playoffs and Fermi Technology

Announcing the winners from Round 2! On to the Final Four
Find out how your favorite science topic fared, and jump into the next round of voting!
Pointing, Slewing, and Surveying - Fermi has to be flexible to observe many different kinds of gamma-ray phenomena. Find out more about how Fermi observes the gamma-ray sky.
The Fermi Science Playoffs! Finals
Fermi Talks Tech: How does Fermi communicate?

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