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Welcome to Fermi Fridays! As we celebrate Fermi's 10 years in space, Friday has become our special day. Every Friday, we'll discuss a topic having to do with the facinating science Fermi is doing, the technology that has been developed to make Fermi more productive, the amazing people that make it all happen, and the many ways that Fermi has inspired others.

We hope you'll check in each week as we unveil a new Fermi Fridays topic. And you can always follow us on social media to get the latest from the Fermi 10-year celebration!

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November's Topic: Diffuse Emission

In addition to all the sources Fermi detects, the gamma-ray sky is filled with a diffuse glow from cosmic ray interactions with gas and dust between stars.
It's important to disentangle the diffuse interstellar emission from gamma-ray sources inside and outside of our Galaxy in order to find and accurately characterize them. Here's how we construct those maps.
Fermi revealed gigantic faint structures in the diffuse interstellar emission. This discovery and its relation to the Microwave Haze give us unique insight into the history of the Milky Way.
Art of the Sky: Constructing the Gamma-ray Sky One Block at a Time

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